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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What Memorial Day means to me.

It's suppose to be a day to honor all those that have died for this country. The ones that gave all and sacrificed his/her life for the freedom of this country.

Some honor veterans that are still alive. This isn't their day and for most feel very uncomfortable being honored on the same day as our fallen hero's. Veteran's Day is in November. That is when we show our appreciation for their service.

I'd like to take Memorial Day a step further and honor all those that have lost a loved one at war. Family and friends of our fallen hero's still have to find a way to move forward without them. They have a bigger stake in the day. They are at the cemeteries putting flowers on the graves. They are the ones that hold their memories. They feel the loss the most.

Maybe I dare to take it one step further and have a minute of silence for those that were there when the fallen hero's death occurred. They endured the same experience but were spared. They may live with survivor's guilt and struggle with it every day. This includes those that have killed their own by accident in a heated battle and chaos of war. Living with these traumatic experiences can alter and devastate so many lives.

I hope and pray for all of those people that have lost one of these American hero's that they find peace in their lives. My wish for them is to wade through any devastation their hero's death may have caused and learn to live life to the fullest with peace and joy which honors them in the best possible way.

I honor you!

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