Healing Perspective

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


We are half-way through our challenge of taking care of ourselves. The next challenge is nature. When we are out in nature it gives us several positives we may not even be aware of like, it calms the mind, gives us presences, and we can meditate.

Calming the mind from the chaos is hard to do. We have worries, to-do list, and issues that roll around in our heads while we do our daily tasks. Being in nature helps shed some of the chaos.

Presence is the state where all the chaos is gone and that we notice little things that we by-passed without the baggage of our lives.

Meditate out in nature is called a walking meditation. It's letting everything go and notice and acknowledge the things we see and sitting in those brief moments.

All this give our brain a break but more importantly we will feel less stress and life feels more manageable.

Your challenge is to go for a walk in nature whether it be at the ocean, in the woods, or at a park. See how it feels.

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