Healing Perspective

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A-Z Challenge starts Tuesday

For those unfamiliar of the A-Z challenge. It's a group of bloggers that support each other for twenty-six days. Each blogger posts according to the letter of the day. The first day it's A. The second it's B. And so on.

My theme this year is taking care of yourself.

Everyday I will suggest an idea or act to encourage readers to try something new to improve your life. It will be a simple act just to give you a chance to try some you may have never tried before.

I will post on this blog along with my new Facebook page:  Healing Perspective. If you click the like button on my Facebook page you will receive the months post in your news feed and won't have to try and find this blog again.

We can be stuck in our day to day lives. Doing the same thing everyday. Overworked and overwhelmed. This is an opportunity to break out from that and bring a little hope into your life. I hope to see you throughout the month.

Hope to hear from you soon!