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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Do you feel something's missing in your life?

We live our lives day by day trying to fill it with the things we feel that will make us happy. We look for external sources like, a new relationship, the perfect house, the best job, etc.

But, do you still feel something is missing even after you achieve your newest goals?

I was forever looking for the next thing to achieve barely enjoying the accomplishments along the way. I wanted a certain life and I had a 'To Do' list and bullied my way down the list and not feeling all that happy.

So how can you begin to find happiness?

For me, it starts with Spirituality. You may think that this isn't for you or a ton of other negative thoughts. I thought a lot of them, too, at one point. But, there is a new movement concerning spirituality, and I wanted to investigate if it had any merit. What I found was a whole new world out there. I started to fill my life with the right stuff and I no longer feel like I'm missing anything from life and I feel happy.

I hope to fill this blog with posts sharing what I've found so you can build a life where you feel nothing is missing in your life.

What are your thoughts?

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